Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review: Etude House Happy Teatime Green Tea Cleansing Foam

The review for today is the all-time favorite product from Etude House--Happy Teatime Cleansing Foam.

This cleansing foam comes in five variants. Out of these five, I've already used two, the Milk Tea and Green tea variants. The first one I got was Milk Tea. I was meaning to review that one too, but I already finished the bottle and I didn't get any pictures. Hehehe. I was really busy the past months.

Happy Teatime Green Tea Cleansing Foam (P148, 150ml)

Anyway, when I bought Milk Tea, I didn't know that each variant was suitable for a specific need or skin type. I thought each worked the same way as the other and was suitable for all skin types, so I based my purchase on the scent. And I really like Milk Tea's light, powdery scent.

But after looking at Etude House Philippines' site, I read that each variant caters to a certain skin type and need.

Milk Tea - Moisturizing and smoothing formula with Milk Tea extract 
Lemon Tea - Vitalizing and nourishing formula with Lemon Tea extract 
Green Tea - Pore cleansing and oily shine relief with Green Tea extract 
Peach Tea - Brightening and clarifying formula with Peach Tea extract 
Aloe Tea - Moisturizing and complexion health formula with Aloe Tea extract 

So, even though I really liked Milk Tea, I've got to try Green Tea because it's for pore cleansing and oily shine relief because my skin is oily. And anyway, when I asked the boyfriend which smelled better the Milk Tea or Green Tea, he told me it was the latter so I gave it a go. And hey, I'm liking Green Tea a lot! :)


  • Affordable at P148 for 150ml product. My first bottle lasted me three to four months.
  • Mild on skin. It does not dry my face and break me out.
  • Has a nice cool and refreshing scent.
  • Really foamy. The consistency of the product is thick, and when lathered on wet face, it becomes really foamy. You'll really only need a pea-size of the product for every use.

  • Helps in oil control. I think this one contributes to the many oil control products I'm using to keep my face shine-free because the label says it contains hydrated silica.
Click to enlarge and read details about the product


  • None that I could think of for the moment. I think I'm gonna stick to this cleansing foam for long. :)

Now I really know why it's an all-time fave product of our princes and princesses out there. :) I'm even planning to try Happy Teatime Cleansing cream and wipes. :D I'll give this product 5/5. :)


  1. I'm so happy it works for you! I'll definitely check this out when I run out of my usual cleanser. It looks promising! :)


  2. Will definitely try it once im done with my St.Ives facial wash. :) Ive been wanting to try any green tea related products.



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