Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: Etude House BB Magic Cream Refreshing

Since it has already been a month after I purchased my Etude House BB Magic Cream Refreshing during the Etude House Grand Sale, I think it is high time that I make a review about it.

During that time, I was really looking forward to buy the Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong. But unfortunately, it was out of stock. It was out of stock in both the EH boutique and SM Megamall Department Store. The only BB creams that time were BB Magic Cream and Moistfull Collagen BB Cream.

I liked the creamy texture and finish of the Moistfull Collagen BB Cream when I tried the tester, however the beauty advisor told me that it was only suited for dry skin. So, definitely no, because I really have an oily skin. With that, I opted for the BB Magic Cream Refreshing which was said to be suitable for oily skin. It became my first BB cream.

BB Magic Cream Refreshing Review

On the Box:

BB Magic Cream offers natural looking coverage that nourishes and corrects skin tone.

Directions: After facial cleansing, apply a small amount of product to hands and spread evenly across facial surface. Cream may give a whitish appearance upon initial application, but will naturally blend with skin tone once lotion sets.


Contains 35ml of the product.

For me, the pump comes in handy because I can control how much cream comes out. However, it can get dirty if you don't clean it after every use (like mine LOL).


See that white cast?

BB Magic Cream after a couple of minutes.

My skin did really glow after using this BB cream. I wanted to show my glowing face (LOL) here, but the bad lighting in the room won't permit me.


  • This BB cream is not as creamy as the Moistfull. On the contrary, it is watery. It also dries quickly--but not as quickly that you won't be able to blend it well.
  • At first, I thought that it was too white on me. (I can't choose from other shades because there are no other shades. :( ) But still, nobody has told me that my face was too white, well maybe except for my sister who likes to tease me. LOL. And it's probably because, as what it promises, it settles on the skin after a while and naturally blends with the skin tone.
  • This BB cream, again as what it promises, provides a natural-looking coverage. It's a bit buildable, so you have to put small amounts on your face.
  • Before I used this, I was having a pimple break out (but maybe that's because I have a period during that time). A few days after (and my period was also gone), my face had less pimples.
  • It makes my skin glow that my friends and classmates told me I was blooming. Haha, if only they knew. :D
  • Already inexpensive at P548. I got this though for only P438.40 during the Grand Sale.

  • The finish is not matte, but it's not dewy either. It's actually in between the two. (I like a matte finish, so I'm neutral on this. Hehe.)

  • Though it is said to be suitable for oily skin, my face still gets oily after an hour or two. And that's even when I'm in an airconditioned room. Yikes. And according to my research, it doesn't have an SPF. (Please correct if I'm wrong here.). The one that has SPF is the BB Magic Cream SPF30 PA+.
  • It's sheer so you'll still need a concealer to hide blemishes. But if you have a blemish-free face, then I think this one is perfect. Nyehehe.
  • Has only one shade which probably suits fair to medium skin tone.
  • Has a white appearance or cast on my skin on pictures taken with flash. (This really sucks.)

Do I recommend it?

Yes. By all means, you can buy this one because it delivers what it promises. However, make sure that it suits your skin tone first before buying. And anyway, most of my friends and classmates told me that I was blooming when I used this, so I think it's overall good. :D

Will I repurchase?

Not really. I want to try other BB creams such as the Precious Mineral All Day Strong.

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