Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review: Gatsby Oil Clear Sheet

I just felt that I wanted to make a product review again, so I got my make up kit and saw my everyday oily face savior--the Gatsby Oil Clear Sheet.

Update: Around P100 P119.25 for 70 sheets

I've been meaning to do a review on this one ever since I purchased it, but always kept forgetting to. If you've read some of my posts, you would've probably come across me complaining about my oily face over and over again. LOL. But if you are one, you'll know how we, girls, with this type of skin, will craze over products that claims to reduce oil.

Mine really looks tattered. :P

And what product can instantly make your oily face refreshed on a hot humid day but an oil blotting paper. :D It's definitely your face's friend!

There are several oil blotting sheets in Watsons, but I chose Gatsby Oil Clear Sheet because, among other products, it looks promising and is, if I remember correctly, cheaper than Clean and Clear Oil Control Film, not to mention that it catches your attention with its Japanese packaging.

UPDATE: I checked Watsons for these items (Gatsby and Clean and Clear) and found out that Clean and Clear was only P117, but that was for only 60 sheets. So, technically, Gatsby would be cheaper since it had 70 sheets.

And since I can't read Japanese, I browsed a little and found out that it removes oil from deep inside pores with its advanced micro holes. You can enlarge the picture below to see those micro holes by clicking on it.

See the microholes for better oil absorption?

And hey! It didn't let me down. It easily absorbs oil from my face with a single swipe. And actually, I consume all the space on the sheet for my whole face. LOL. The sheet always looks icky after it has made contact with my face.

NOTE: This sheet is swiped only once across my nose. LOL.

Another thing, the sheet does not tear, even after trying to tear it off. I tried my best and failed on that. LOL.

That's all. What can I say more but it's definitely a great product. I'm going to purchase it again. And I really recommend it to sisters (and even brothers) out there who have an oily skin type like me. If I'm to give it a rating, it's 5/5. :D


  1. Nice review! Is this like Clean & Clear's oil films or is this like paper? :)

    1. Mahirap nga punitin edi malamang tulad ng clean and clear duuuhhh -.-

  2. @Helen thank you! yep, the Gatsby sheets are similar to Clean and Clear's oil films. :)

  3. Lol. I also have very oily skin. Sigh. I use Clean and Clear but I also buy the generic Watsons oil film from time to time (way cheaper). But what foundation/powder do you use? I still can't find the right one.

  4. @froodie I usually jump from foundation to foundation (Nichido, Avon, Ever Bilena, etc.) but I'm currently using Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Powder Foundation (the blue one). I haven't done a review on this one yet, but I'm always using it. As for my face powder, I use In2It Oil Control Face Powder. You can check my review here. :)

    I think that for girls like us, we should stick with the powder foundie and stay away from liquid ones. At least, that's what I've read and experience when I have oily skin and used EB Advance liquid foundie. Hehe.

    Yep, the generic Watsons oil blotting papers are definitely cheaper. I guess it's really tiring to have oily skin, huh? :D

  5. I like this blog. Please check out mine.

  6. I agree, this like Clean and Clears oil free. I seldom use this, if only I go out for a major outdoor activities. I'll def try this one too. Thanks for the review! :)

  7. @Clara Turbay thanks! sure. :)

    @Noelle Chantal you're welcome dear! and thanks for dropping by. ;)

  8. nice reviews you got here. at least i know where to look when i needed to check on any makeup product :)



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