Sunday, March 11, 2012

Review: Skinfood Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB SPF20 PA++ in Natural Beige

Hooray for being back! :) I miss blogging so much that I'll surely try my best to blog as often as possible during this summer vacation. And yes, University days are over, but I'm still waiting for my graduation. Heehee. *clap clap*

So, to celebrate being back here, I'm gonna do a review on my current BB cream--Skinfood Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB.

Skinfood Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB SPF20 PA++ in 02 Natural Beige

This is my first Skinfood product and I bought it online from an eBay seller bhappywithme. I didn't bother to try buying locally because regular prices from a Skinfood store here in the Philippines are double of what online sellers offer. Even if you pay for shipping fees and extra charges, you'll still be able to save more by buying online.

This is officially my second BB cream, next to Etude House BB Magic Cream. I basically bought it because of its description. Reviews were good too, so I gave it a go.

On the box, it says:

Peach Green Tea (Oil Controlling and Mattifying BB Cream)
A long lasting BB cream that helps maintain bright morning skin throughout the day without darkening or smudging. An oil-controlling and skin-mattifying BB cream that keeps skin fresh and matte with vitamin-enriched peach extract and sebum-regulating green tea.

Upon receiving and seeing this, I was already sold with the packaging. It was in a brown small box designed like a tea bag. It was simple, but pretty and dainty. However, for a 30-gram product, I didn't expect this one to be this small. But I compared it with my sister's 30-ml Tony Moly Cutie Beauty BB cream and found that Good Afternoon BB is heavier. In short, it was smaller yet heavier which was quite not really logical for me. LOL.

Next is the scent. Unlike the EH BB Magic cream, this one has a light peachy smell which quickly goes away. Well, I don't think it really smells like peach, but mostly similar to it. And it's not a strong scent. In fact, it doesn't linger on the skin for long, so you'll have no worries about having a headache due to its scent. :)

Coverage is light and sheer which is so-so for me. I think it is even lighter than the EH BB Magic cream. I still have to use a concealer to hide my blemishes. But if your skin is already clear and free of blemishes, this one is a good bet.

BB cream when blended onto the skin

After a few minutes

Consistency is creamy. It doesn't dry quickly, so you'll be able to blend it well on your skin.

Lastly, the oil control is quite good. In this heat, I think I only need to blot every 2-3 hours. In an air-conditioned room, oil control is good for 3-4 hours. It's not bad actually, considering this summer heat and my uber oily skin. Plus, it has a matte finish which I really like.

Wearing Skinfood Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB in Natural Beige


  • Good oil control. Lasts 3-4 hours on my uber oily skin.
  • Matte finish.
  • Has SPF20 PA++.
  • Makes my skin look glowing.
  • Does not dry quickly. You'll be able to blend it on your skin well.
  • Not as reflective as my previous BB cream on flash photography, though still leaves a white cast as most, if not all, BB creams do.
  • Comes in two shades: 01 Light Beige and 02 Natural Beige.
  • Comes in a squeeze bottle which is easy to control. You'll surely be able to get the right amount of cream you need.
  • So far, I didn't have any breakout because of this BB.


  • Has a light peachy scent. I'm neutral on this one because, though the scent is not overpowering, it's not a smell that I like. (I like light, powdery and refreshing scents. :) )


  • Coverage is sheer. You'll still need to use concealer to hide blemishes.
  • Not really buildable. Since I found that the coverage was sheer, I kept on trying to build it but to no avail. It's really sheer and I end up using more product. And even if it will build, it's only for a very little bit.

Overall, I really like this BB cream. I recommend it to those ladies who have oily skin. :)


  1. i used these too., and you're right
    it's good., but not the best for bb cream.,
    so what you suggest for oily and trouble skin :)

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