Friday, May 27, 2011

Tramway Buffet Plaza Shaw - Affordable Buffet!

I'd been longing to visit Tramway Buffet then. I've read from forums and reviews that this buffet plaza is good and affordable. For just around Php200, you can eat all you can on their buffet table. So, I was really anticipating to try this mix buffet of Chinese, Japanese and Filipino food. (I'm a fan of these three cuisines by the way.)

And finally, I had the chance to go and dine there last month. As usual, I've got the boyfriend and our two friends with me. I sometimes feel like they are my bodyguards. LOL. Just kidding. But they've already been good friends of mine.

Tramway has three branches--Tramway Tea House Banawe, Tramway Garden Buffet Timog and Tramway Buffet Plaza Shaw. Note that prices per head varies per branch. In Tramway Tea House Banawe, the price per head is Php198, while in Tramway Garden Buffet Timog, the price per head is Php205. In Tramway Buffet Plaza Shaw, the regular rate per head is Php288. But since their promo is still ongoing as of that date, the price per head is Php218. Another thing, the prices are exclusive of drinks.

We went to Tramway Buffet Plaza Shaw. It was just right across Star Mall and inside the Worldwide Corporate Center.

It was a Sunday lunch when we went there. And what could you expect on a Sunday? Lots of people, particularly families. But anyway, the place is quite large to accommodate at least 30 families, I think, and the lunch buffet is ongoing from 1130PM to 3PM.

The food was good, but I found the buffet limited. But who could complain, right? With the price I paid, I couldn't. But I would still do it here. LOL.

I think there were not more than 10 main dishes. There was Yang Chow Rice, Sweet and Sour Pork, Roast Chicken, Clams and Fish (don't know what type of fish). I couldn't remember them all, so please bear with my short-term memory. :D And please forgive me for not having pictures of these dishes, I was really hungry that time. I could really eat a horse. LOL.

As for the side dish, there was California Maki. But I was rather disappointed. The rice balls were really large. I was thinking they were trying to produce for a large group of people since they serve buffet. (I already had pictures by this time because I wasn't too hungry anymore. Haha.)

California Maki

There were also vegetable salad, dimsum and century eggs on the table. The desserts consisted of buko pandan, macaroni salad, watermelon and buchi.

Vegetable Salad 

Pork Siomai 

Buko Pandan and Macaroni Salad


Hungry Me. :D

What I really didn't like was the fact that it took them a few minutes to refill the buffet table. We arrived around 1PM already, so the food containers were already half-empty or empty. We still had to wait for a few minutes before we could eat and/or continue eating.

Actually, I've already made a post about this buffet on my long-time personal secret blog. I just want to share it with you guys. Thanks for reading!


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