Friday, May 27, 2011

Ariake Japanese Cuisine - Tomas Morato, QC

If you've already read 'Charlene's Uncharted Plans', you probably know by now that I love food and promos and discounts. So, for my first post on this blog, I'll be featuring a restaurant and a daily deal site in Philippines.

CleverBuy - Be Clever, Pay Less is one among several daily deal sites/group-buying sites in the Philippines. I'm one of the first few members who have seen how their market has grown to almost 10,000 members now.

Ten days, every day, before their launch, they held mini-contests that reward Php100 load credits to any mobile telco. And since yours truly is a fan of these contests and promos, I joined. And luckily, I won one round.

Come their official launch last March, CleverBuy held another game--their popular Guessing game for their Facebook fans. The mechanics are simple. Just guess how many vouchers will be sold at the end of deal. And again, yes, I joined and won that contest. (Maybe I'm really lucky. LOL.) The prize was a total of 3,333 Clever credits that can be used to buy vouchers on their site. (By the way, they still hold contests with even larger prizes at stake on their site, so make sure to visit CleverBuy from time to time.)

I bought four Ariake Japanese Cuisine vouchers (one voucher is good for 4-6 pax) from CleverBuy with the credits I've won from the latter. And oh, I can say I'm definitely a winner with Ariake Japanese Cuisine and CleverBuy!

I've already used one voucher last April--my birthday month. I was with the boyfriend and our two friends.

(Photos are taken by my handy SE Elm. My camera phone is not perfect, so please bear with me.:) )

The four of us were the only guests when we had arrived. The place is quiet and relaxing. Two thumbs up for Ariake's ambience.

The voucher bought from CleverBuy already predetermined what we were going to eat. The only thing we had to order were drinks.

Special Makisushi Deluxe (Tempura Roll, Philadelphia Roll, Canadian Roll, Ninja Roll and Salmon Skin Roll) 


Seafood Dumplings

I'm craving for Jap food right now. Oh no! But I guess we've got to move on. So...

Our two friends were big eaters (as if we were not lol). Kidding! Hehe. They even ordered baked oysters and Chahan (fried rice).

Baked Oysters (Php265)

After our sumptuous dinner, we were then ready for desserts. Yes, desserts! The voucher also included Coffee Jelly. The coffee jelly and vanilla ice cream really blends well together. I love it!

Coffee Jelly (Php85)

I enjoyed Ariake. And for sure, I'll be coming back again. Anyway, I still have three more vouchers with me. Wonder if I'll have a mini-contest with one voucher as the prize...hmmm...stay tuned!

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    On Sept 15, 2014, my mom and I went malling at Robinsons Metroeast. We were already starving when we saw Karate Kid. With us both being a fan of Japanese food, we decided to eat there for early dinner. There were only 3 tables occupied by that time, I wondered why. I ordered Beef Teriyaki Bento, (comprised of Beef Teriyaki, Yakisoba, 2pcs gyoza and red iced tea), while mom ordered "Creamy" Fishdon with rice (which was really dry, I cant figure out where they got that "creamy" word). Plus we ordered 8pcs California Maki.

    The "Creamy" Fishdon was served first, and we were a bit disappointed with how it looks as it was really dry. Not appetizing at all. Then comes the California Maki. Since my Beef Teriyaki order hasn't arrived yet, and me being hungry, I ate 1pc of the Maki first. I tasted that there's something wrong with it, like it was already spoiled. But I didn't mind it and I thought it could just be the mayo on top. So I just swallowed it fast. And as I said earlier, I was really starving, so i had another piece. Same thing, and I swallowed it fast again.

    Mom, (being a fan of California Maki in any Japanese restau) took 1pc as well. And without even finishing that piece, she told me that it is already spoiled. Panis. Sira.

    That confirmed my initial taste for what I ate and I just want to throw up!

    Then my Beef Teriyaki arrived. I told the server that the Maki is already spoiled. He took the plate inside their kitchen. And when he came out he was asking me to just order another in the menu. I told him to call the manager because I don't want to order another and just want the Maki to be refunded.
    The supervisor came out, my mom apologized to him for the inconvenience of refunding. And so, being very cool about it, he did the refund, then just placed the money on the table and went back inside.

    Yes. Without ANY apologies.

    I got really pissed off. I asked the server to call him again. When he came out, thats when I asked him why I never heard even a single apology from him and it was even my mom who said sorry when I asked for the refund of the Maki. Then he finally apologized and said that he went inside to check on the Maki that was served blah blah blah. I told him that being a supervisor he should know how to handle such situations.

    I asked him what happened to the Maki, he said that it could be the mango being spoiled. But we told him its the rice that's spoiled. Nevertheless, be it the rice or mango or whatever they can blame it on, they still shouldn't be serving ANY food below quality.

    I asked him to have everything refunded as I didn't want to take risk in eating their food anymore. By the way, mom tried to have a taste of the gyoza from the Bento meal I ordered and she said that it tasted a bit foul also... tsk tsk..

    I asked him to call the manager since he is just a supevisor. When the lady manager came out, I asked her if she knows whats happening and she said Yes. I told her that since she already knew, why didnt she even come out to face me, knowing that theres already such incident. She said that she is controlling the production inside and having a taste test for all the Maki. I told her that being a manager, and having such a commotion, she should've came out and be responsible for what happened. I told them that if only I got an apology at first, we wouldn't arrive to that point. Yes, only apologies, I even told them that I never wanted any complimentary from them. That also answered my question in mind why there are lots of vacant tables everytime I passby their "eatery".

    Yup.. it's Karate Kid Robinsons Metroeast branch.

    And I think it would take some time before I eat Maki again. (Trauma)



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