Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mr. Kimbob SM Megamall

Okay, this post again came from my other blog. I badly wanted to post something new about food, but the photos were in my crashed laptop. I still don't know if I'mma be able to retrieve them The boyfriend says so but up until now, he hasn't given me any news about it.

So, here it goes. Anyways, I know you haven't read this post yet in my other blog since it's meant to be private. LOL.

We ate here early this year. I know, it's already that long, but in case you wanna taste something new and Korean for a change at a very affordable cost, you've gotta read this.

Mr. Kimbob

Back then, Mr. Kimbob was a new stall in SM Megamall Food Court. At that time, we were scouting for somewhere to eat when I saw the tarpaulin saying 'Asian Food Festival' at the Food Court. Since we liked anything Asian, we decided to check out the place.

However, upon seeing the food court, we didn't think there was something "unusual" because there were no rowdy crowd. (We expected lots of people and food stalls since they said it was a food festival.) We even asked Manong Guard where it was, but obviously, he too wasn't sure and just told us that it was there.

We only saw a few new Asian food stalls and decided that that was all about the Asian Food Festival. LOL. Among these is Mr. Kimbob, a stall which serves cheap Korean food.

Chicken Curry Rice (P75)

But given that I was drawn to my favorites, I ordered Chicken Curry Rice which was very un-Korean. LOL. (Yeah, I like chicken food stuffs.) And there was nothing new to it--tastes like your ordinary curry. But mind you, I liked it simply because I like curry. Haha.

On the other hand, the boyfriend ordered Bulgogi Bibimbap. There, something that sounds Korean. It is marinated beef with vegetables and egg. You actually have to mix and mess up your bowl or plate to be able to enjoy this food.

Bulgogi Bibimbap (P95)

We also added kimbap which they call Kimbob. This one is known as the Korean sushi roll. Again, nothing exciting with this dish. It was a bit bland without the sauce or was it really like that. I'm not sure, it was actually my first time eating Korean stuffs.

Kimbob (P75)


Mr Kimbob is one of the cheap Korean food fix available here in the Philippines because as you all know, most Korean restaurants are not inexpensive at all. And if you want to be a little different from your usual, go ahead and try it, it won't cost you much.

Mr Kimbob is located at the SM Megamall Food Court, Bldg. A, LG.


  1. OMG!!! all of this looks so yummy!

  2. thanks! :D nice blog you have there! ;)



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