Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SushiYa Robinson's Galleria

Nah...we don't like Japanese food. We love it! LOL.

This happened last month, if I remember correctly, on our special day. :D As usual, we were going to watch a movie, but I couldn't remember what it was. All I remember was, while we were waiting for the movie to start, we had a lunch at SushiYa.

The first time we ate here was likeable. In fact, even if I weren't hungry that time, I finished a whole plate of chicken curry rice. So, here we were wanting to have a taste of Japanese food again.

Gyuniku Teriyaki in Bento Set for Two

I actually had a hard time understanding the menu because the price varies and I wasn't exactly paying attention. All I could feel was my stomach grumbling with what I was smelling (even though I wasn't that hungry). LOL. But anyway, the boyfriend was there to the rescue to order for us. Plus, it was his treat! Yey! :D

He ordered a bento set for two. And in case you're not familiar, the price of the bento set in Sushi-Ya could vary depending on what you order. Yeah. I was quite confused with this at first because the price depended on the main entree that you ordered and the side dishes that went along with it. The price also varied on whether you choose Iced Tea or Miso Soup.

But anyway, he ordered Gyuniku Teriyaki with the Bento Set.

Gyuniku Teriyaki

The Bento Set for two included Kani Salad, Agedashi Tofu, Kakiage, Sashimi, Maki, two bowls of steamed rice and Miso Soup. We added two refillable Iced Teas.

Kani Salad

Agedashi Tofu



I wasn't really hungry that time, so I was surprised that I finished my bowl. And I felt really full.

Gohan and Miso Soup

But I guess the boyfriend wasn't. LOL. It was because he ordered Special Makisushi in Jurassic Roll which we brought to the movies.


SushiYa is one of the few Japanese restaurants that offer good Japanese food. But again, of course, if you've already eaten at first-rate Japanese restaurants in the Metro, you can't actually compare between the two considering the price ranges. But overall, SushiYa is a bang for a Jap food lover's bucks. :D

L2, East Wing, Robinson's Galleria

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