Monday, July 25, 2011

People Working from Home Are Happier

I was just about to sleep when I read this article from Yahoo News Philippines: 'Telecommuters say they are happier, healthier'.

Photo Credits to Yahoo News Philippines

This article talks about the survey done by Staples Advantage showing results that people who work at home are much happier, healthier and "more balanced" with their lives.

But of course, I can just relate to this. Have I not been working for the past year at home! And I probably agree with these results. Why?

First, I can see my friends and the boyfriend, since they've just graduated, struggle with the work in the office not to mention office politics and all. (They may or may not agree with me here, but this is my opinion. Hehe.) And what makes me say 'whoah' is that the boyfriend works at the office for an average of 10 hours everyday, I think.

This makes me say 'whoah' because on the average, I work around 10 hours a week. LOL. But what makes it harder for me is the fact that I study at the same time. If I am only to work like this and not study, my life would've been much easier. LOL.

But still, that's not the issue here. The issue is Freedom. Yuppies technically are not free to do anything they want in the office. But of course, the boss is watching. In fact, there are even some companies that do not let their employees text during office hours. (What the...?!)

On the other hand, people who work from home can oversleep, rest when they're already tired from working and be back when they're already focused making them more productive. They don't even need to commute and buy office attires. They can do what they want in their own time making their life more balanced.

And this actually makes me confused on whether I want to work from home or at the office when I graduate.

Can you imagine spending half of your life working in the office?

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