Monday, March 19, 2012

Review: Ever Bilena ProLongWear Lipstick in Retro

As promised, I'll try to blog as often as I can. And here's another blog post from me. :)

Even if it's not summer, I love wearing orangey and peachy pink lippies. Probably, I have that notion that hot pink lippies only suit fair-skinned ladies. Oh well, it's not that I don't wear pink lippies, but I make sure that, somehow, I get to choose the right shade for me--one that has a warm tone to it.

Ever Bilena ProLongWear Lipstick

So, there I was in Watson's a long time ago and found myself looking at their lippies. And since I fancy orangey lippies, I got the Ever Bilena ProLongWear Lipstick in Retro. During that time, they got a promo called, "Show Me Your Lipstick". I just showed one lipstick of mine and I got the Retro for P120 instead of P155.



- It is not drying on my lips. You can surely wear without the need for lip balms.

- It does stay for hours, probably around five hours.

- It has nice color payoff, though not really great, I think. But for everyday use, this is surely my bet! :)

- It's affordable at only P155.

- It has no funny smell unlike my Nyx.

- It contains Vitamin E for that ultimate moisture.


- It is shimmery. I like matte more which is kind of contrary to the fact that I don't like drying lippies coz' my lips are already cracked and dry most of the time.


- It contains paraben, as most makeups do.

Swatches: (Please bear with my cracked lips and blurry photos. XD)

P. S.
Though it seems more peachy pink on the photos, Retro is more on the orangey side. :)


  1. I've never tried Ever Bilena before but it looks great on your lips :)

  2. Thanks for the compliment! Heehee :)

  3. It looks pretty on your the color!
    Followed you blog, please visit, please do follow back. Thank you. =)

  4. Thanks! :) Already following you! :D



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