Sunday, November 20, 2011

Closeup Philippines First Community Event + Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

I really had a blast last Friday! And that was because of Closeup Philippines who generously shared a great event with 100 members of the Closeup community on Facebook. These members were chosen via a simple contest held on their Facebook page.

Closeup Philippines Community Event at EDSA Shangrila Cineplex

And yes! It was their own premiere of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. Wasn't that just great? But that was not yet the best part...every winner was able to bring two of his or her buddies! And all three got to watch the movie for free at a very nice movie theater, EDSA Shangrila Cineplex. As for me, I brought my sister and the boyfriend along with me. :D

But wait, there's more! LOL. Closeup even gave a treat to free snacks and drinks. It really was cool. 8-)

Before the movie started, Closeup Brand Manager Brian Duruin greeted us, expressed his gratitude to the community for being active and showed a little presentation about Closeup Fire Freeze.

The Fire Freeze team actually went to our campus and gave out samples to the students. I wasn't able to get one but a classmate gave me two. LOL. I guess I was really lucky because I liked Fire Freeze. My mouth felt really fresh and cool after every brush. And there is no marketing pitch here. LOL. It's purely based on experience, if that gives merit. :D

After that, the movie began. Y'know, I am not really a Twilight fan, I didn't read and I hadn't watch all three movies before the latest one. But I really enjoyed this one. Maybe because I have friends with me, or probably because it was free. LOL.  But still, I had a blast. I had fun knowing that female vampires couldn't be pregnant and that Edward Cullen was lucky to have a baby with a human being. LOL. However, my opinion still remains--there shouldn't be a book, it would have been more 'okay' or acceptable if it was made into a movie, or like what the boyfriend suggested, a series.

It didn't stop with the movie, free snacks, and a good time with friends. Closeup still gave the three of us a loot bag!

Loot Bag

All I can say is thank you Closeup Philippines! It was a successful event indeed. :) You can surely hope that the community will continue to support you. :D

So dearies, what are you waiting for? Like Closeup Philippines on Facebook now and watch out for their future events. ;)

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