Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sophie Paris J'adore Lipstick in Summer Pink

Yey! for another post. :D And this time, it's about lips and lipstick. ;)

This one is from Sophie Paris. (I think they changed their name from Sophie Martin to Sophie Paris.) And it's none other than a lippie from their very affordable J'adore Lipstick line, the Summer Pink lippie.

Sophie Paris J'adore Lipstick in Summer Pink (P79)

What I really love about this one (aside from the price) is the shade. It's bold compared to Avon lippies. But if you want a bolder shade of pink, go for Ice Pink from the same line since it's really what you can call hot pink. Summer Pink is the subtler version which is perfect for everyday use. (But I didn't say that you can't use Ice Pink everyday. ;) )

It shows the manufacturing batch and the expiration date!

Additionally, Summer Pink (and Ice Pink) has that blue tinge that suggests ladies with cool skin tones can pull it off best. :) But you know, until now, I'm not sure what undertone I have. LOL. I just always label myself neutral. Haha.

The J'adore Lipstick line from Sophie Paris is matte. So you've gotta be careful if you already have dry and chapped lips like me. LOL. Yes, I still use it because I like the shade though it's quite drying. Maybe I'll stop when I already have a new pink lippie. Anyway, you and I can always put on lip balm first so I guess we're still saved. :D

without flash

With that, please excuse my chapped lips on the photos. :D I've been using this lippie for a few consecutive days now.

with flash

Lastly, it's very affordable for only P79! And what's even better, since you're ordering from a "Sophie lady" (uhmm..I dunno what to call them so I've got to borrow from Avon), you can pay for it for a whole month. LOL.

with sunlight

I got this from my classmate who sold Sophie Paris two to three months ago. And I was thinking that since she already stopped selling, I wouldn't be able to collect other shades from the line. My sister got lucky coz she already had three shades.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Love it! :)

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  2. sure and thanks for dropping by. :)

  3. nice blog! :) im also selling the other shades :) for orders :09268153396 :)



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