Saturday, October 01, 2011

I'm Back! (With a Not-So-Red Hair): Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Red Wine 04

Yey! I missed blogging so much. I've been busy the past days because of school work. But thank God, this semester is most nearly finished! :) Whew! You bet, it's one of those semesters that really tire you out and make you look forward to the sembreak.

And oh, I'm back with a colored hair! :D I've never had my hair colored, rebonded, cellophane-d. I just used to have my hair relaxed. But they say it's not good for the hair, so I now only go to the salon for a hot oil treatment, some other treatments I'm sales-talked to and a haircut. LOL.

This was the first time for me so I was really scared. O_O

My never-been-colored not-so-black hair

I wanted to have a reddish sort of hair. I just found it exciting and new. So there I went choosing between Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Red Wine 04 and Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Color Cream in Cherry Wine 4R. The latter was cheaper by around P30 to P40 so I visited Tony Moly in SM Megamall first only to find that it was out-of-stock. Sigh. LOL. And so, I went for the EH Bubble Hair Coloring. Anyway, I read that it was easier to apply than a normal hair color cream. Good thing, it was not OOS too.

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Red Wine 04 (P378)

Ooh, wasn't I really excited. LOL. I decided to use it the next day after I'd bought it. But I was not really expecting my hair to be the same red as with that lady in the box. Since it was my first time, I was quite open to anything that would happen. I was just hoping that it'd be not anything drastic or disappointing.

"Chemical" No. 1 is the large pink sachet
"Chemical" No. 2 is in the pump bottle
Conditioner is the Silky Perfumed Treatment (purple one)
Cape, gloves and manual is in the transparent resealable plastic

Though there was a manual included in the box, I couldn't read it so I didn't even bother to look at it and proceeded with the steps I read from other beauty bloggers. (There were several, BTW.) And the picture outside the box confirmed that they're correct.

4 Steps to Coloring Your Hair

For me, the most fun part was the mixing. Didn't I love it. LOL. It was actually even more fun than dyeing my hair.

So, you mix "chemical" no. 1 with "chemical" no. 2 in the bottle. Then, you gently shake it. Not actually shake, you know, but more of tilting it to right side and then the left side. This solution actually feels warm or "hot", thus it is called the Hot Style. ;)

However, I was confused with this shaking part. I thought I was going to see the bubbles after a minute or two of gently shaking the bottle. So, what I did was tilt it right and left for around 5 minutes. LOL. After that, I still didn't see what I was waiting for. I tried to pump a bit of the solution and, charan!, there went the suds or bubbles. LOL. Silly me. -_-

Also, since I thought that I over-shook it, the suds were color violet, unlike from what I saw from other blogs. Theirs were purple. LOL.

But still, it colored my hair. I just thought that I was not really good at the application part because my hair was not evenly colored. Yeah. But it's okay, it's still manageable. :) And I'm actually planning on buying another Red Wine after two months so the red will be more visible. :D

Now, I have something to blame for "my" temper! LOL.

Whatcha think folks? Does it suit me? ;)

P.S. I've read raves about the Silky Perfumed Treatment or the EH conditioner, but I've just found that my expectations are not really met. First, they say that the smell was great. But I thought that, with all the conditioners I've tried and used, the smell was similar to Pantene or Palmolive conditioner. Correct me here if I'm wrong. :) Also, the consistency was again similar to Palmolive. But one thing I like was how soft it made my hair after coloring. Nevertheless, I think my favorites Creamsilk and L'oreal can do that too. :)


  1. Yes it suits you! I liked the part when I mixed chemical 1 and 2, I felt like a chemist. Hahaha! :D Try Natural Brown next if you want a lighter shade. I used it last July but the color seemed to fade and now my roots are back for revenge. :O

  2. Thank you again! :D Hehehe. Yep, I really enjoyed that chemical mixing part. LOL. I'mma look into that Natural Brown :)

    But yeah, that has already been a while, so the roots will show. Anyway, I think I read your post for the Bubble Hair coloring too. Are you planning on coloring your hair again?

  3. I've been wanting to get myself this for the longest time! But I never got the chance to buy it before leaving for the U.S.! I have my HBC stuff instead...

    If you wanted it to be even more red...maybe leaving it longer would help..?

    By the way, thanks for following me!
    I'm following you now, as well!


  4. Hi bee.! Hmmm..maybe leaving it longer would do, but I was not so sure. And I was quite excited to see the results. Hehe.

    Maybe you can order online? But anyway, hope you'll be able to try this one. It's quite fun to do. ;)

    Thanks too! :)



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