Saturday, October 01, 2011

Be's (Suuppaahhh Late) Birthday: Giligan's Restaurant

I know, I know. My friend's birthday was on June 23 and we celebrated it last July 2 or 3. And guess what, it's October 1st today. LOL.

In fact, my friend has already gone to Canada and I'll surely miss her. It's like we've been friends forever. It has already been seven years (and for this, I suddenly remember Sugarfree's song Form Factor) and I'm used to having her around on every occasion. LOL. Yes, every occasion because we mostly have the same sets of friends. Oh well, if you're reading this, just remember what I said in my letter because I couldn't remember every part of it. Hehehe. And God bless too.

Okay, enough for all that because probably most of you are not interested in my life anyway. LOL. But if ever you are, don't forget to click the "Follow Me" button on the right side. :D

So here it is. We celebrated her birthday (her treat, of course) at Giligan's Restaurant in SM Megamall. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to come. We were eleven in the group, but only seven came plus the boyfriend which made us eight.

Since we were quite a group, they ordered the Groupies meal set which was good for six, I think. (Friends, correct me if I'm wrong here. My memory's gone astray again. LOL.) It was Groupies S2 which included Inihaw na Baboy, Sizzling Peppery Steak, Sweet and Spicy Squid, Lumpiang Shanghai, Sinigang na Baboy, two platters of rice and six glasses of Iced Tea. I don't have the receipt but I took a pic of the menu and this one costs P816.00.

Lumpiang Shanghai

Sizzling Peppery Steak

Sweet and Spicy Squid

I know, we were eight, but that meal was more than enough given how hungry I was that time and how much I'd eaten. LOL. But I think that they also ordered an additional rice platter and four glasses of Iced Tea for only P80 (save P152) (it was included in the Groupies Adventure promo during that time), Sizzling Sisig (P168.00) and Fried Garlic Chicken (P215).

Sizzling Sisig

Fried Garlic Chicken

Anyway, we haven't taken a pic of every food here. Sorry. But we've got this. :D


If you're in a group of big eaters and craving for Filipino food, I highly recommend Giligan's Restaurant. It's a good place to eat and drink without spending thousands. However, make sure you're not yet that hungry and are willing to wait because I find the serving time long. I'm not really sure but I think it took around 10-20 minutes before the food were served.

You may visit Giligan's Restaurant website for the menu, prices and branches. :)

Giligan's Restaurant
SM Megamall Bldg. B Megastrip

P.S. Thank you for this treat, Be. :D Looking forward to your next birthday. LOL. :) Pa-video chat na lang ng handa mo siguro. HAHAHA.

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