Friday, September 30, 2011

In2It Oil Control Face Powder in Harvest OCP 03

I've been using In2It Oil Control Face Powder longer than I've had this blog.

Back then, I was really annoyed at my usual oily face and was looking for a face powder that would probably help in the absorption of the excess oil of my face. At first, I really couldn't decide on which one to buy because I was quite determined in looking for the face powder with that particular oil control feature. I could've used the usual loose face powder given the powder-and-go person that I was before, right? But nah, I just wanted to try something new. :P

So, there we were on a trip to the mall (Robinson's Galleria, this time) when I spotted the In2It Oil Control Face Powder. You couldn't fathom how happy I was to see those words, i.e. Oil Control on this one. LOLJK.

In2It Oil Control Face Powder in OCP 03 Harvest

Additionally, If I could remember this correctly, there were four shades to this one, Harvest being the darkest. So, that was a plus for me, because naturally, we wanted everything complementing our complexion.

Lastly, as I've used this on my face, I notice that it has a very light coverage. You won't be needing to have your foundation retouched, this one's already fine for retouching.

But still, though there were certainly good features, I found this one a bit pricey for a face powder since I only used Pond's, Avon and the like as my face powder. It was around P400 if I could remember correctly. And because of that, I had second thoughts in buying this one, but I really couldn't resist the words, "oil control". LOL.


  • Has an oil control feature
  • Is available in four shades
  • Has no fragrance or bad smell
  • Finely milled
  • I didn't have breakouts.
  • Includes the manufacturing and expiration date of the item

  • The box says it has SPF15.
  • The box says that it has silica for oil control. I researched about it and found that silica is an ingredient mostly found in mineral makeup to absorb sweat and oil.

  • The box says it contains vitamin E for enhanced moisturization.

  • Although the box says that it is long wearing, well, I just have to disagree. I mean, it helps control oil for an hour or two, but after that, I can see my nose starting to get shiny. Yep, that's how oily my face is. But I already have my Gatsby Oil Clear Sheet to do its job.
  • Other than that, it's overall good.

Here's my face with just the In2It Oil Control Face Powder in Harvest OCP 03. :D

I really need to have eyebrows done, don't I? LOL
To learn more about In2It and its products, visit

How about you? What face powder do you use?

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