Friday, August 26, 2011

Bubble Tea SM Megamall

The boyfriend and I had already tried Bubble Tea in Wilson St. branch and this was actually our first time in SM Megamall branch. If I remember correctly, this happened in July. And I know, it's already September.

Bubble Tea SM Megamall Branch

Anyway, Bubble Tea is Japanese fusion restaurant, more popularly known for their pearl milk teas or bubble teas. I really love bubble teas. And of course, Japanese food. Hehehe.

Strawberry Milk Tea and Taro Milk Tea (P125, large)

What I find cute here in Bubble Tea is their interior. It's just bright and light. The font used in their menu too are cute. Probably, the term appropriate for  this restaurant is 'kawaii'. And when I remember that word, I always imagine Japanese high school girls in their mini skirt uniform. LOL.

I ordered Taro Milk Tea and Tonkatsu Curry, while the boyfriend ordered Strawberry Milk Tea and Oyakodon.

Tonkatsu Curry (P185)

Oyakodon (P180)

Strawberry Milk Tea

I really like their food presentation! As for the taste, it's just similar to other Jap food I've tried. Nothing special. But really, what I always enjoy most in Bubble Tea are their pearl milk teas. The tapiocas are really chewy and they come in different sizes unlike with other bubble teas.

Anyway, I used a voucher or coupon I bought from eBay Kuponan this time. With that, we availed 50% discount on our receipt! :D

Overall, Bubble Tea is a good hang out place where you can chat with your friends over a pearl milk tea and Jap food. We'll surely visit this restaurant again. :)

Me, me, me!
Bubble Tea is located in SM Megamall Building A, Lower Ground Floor. It's near the SM Food Court.


  1. My favorite from Bubble Tea would be their Strawberry Milk Shake. I love the pearls, big and small! :)

  2. i tasted the strawberry milk tea, though i dunno if it tasted the same with the strawberry milk shake, and i like its strawberry-ness too! :)



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