Thursday, September 01, 2011

Ariake Voucher Contest Winner

Hey! We've already got a winner for a voucher to Ariake Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Tomas Morato worth P2,015!

This is actually a surprise to me too because I thought nobody's really going to join my contest. But there are two people who actually did. And seriously, thank you to these two!

Anyway, I did everything through and of course, I've documented each step on how to have the winner.

1. I input my "short" list into the List Randomizer.

2. I randomized my list by hitting the "Randomize" button. (I know I shouldn't have put numbers before the names...but still, we can still comprehend it, can't we? LOL.)

It's actually still in the same order! Only the first three names (which belongs to the same person) got jumbled.

3. Let's go to the True Random Number Generator. I keyed in the minimum and maximum numbers which are 1 and 4 respectively.

4. I hit the "Generate" button and voila! We now have a lucky winner! :)
The result shows number 4...and number 4 on our randomized list is none other than gayle sy! :D

Congratulations! Aren't you the lucky one, huh? Please wait for my email and kindly reply to so that I would know that you've received your voucher. Thanks!

Till my next contest! :)


  1. wow lucky ka talaga Gayle!!! Hmmm.... 75% chance of winning pa naman ako, haha but what are the odds... Congrats and enjoy!

    Thank you Ms. Charlene... next time =P

  2. Yep, I also thought that you were really going to win. Hehehe. She's lucky, I guess. :D

    Thank you too! :)

  3. Thanks a lot Charlene! Got the voucher already! Will use it with my family! Better luck next time, Manila Stone : )

  4. Thanks for joining too gayle! :) Enjoy your visit to Ariake! :)



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