Thursday, July 07, 2011

Review: Etude House Oh~ m'Eye Line 02 Gray

Okay, so I thought maybe it was high time that I made a review from the products I bought from Etude House during the Grand Sale.

I didn't want to create reviews immediately because I believed that first impressions didn't always last. It does not only apply to people, but also for products, except of course, for food and its taste. :)

Etude House Vita Foam Mine Bite Me P148
Etude House Oh~m'Eye Line 02 Gray P198
Etude House Yogurt Peel with Black Food Mix
I bought the Etude House Oh~ m'Eye Line 02 Gray. It was my first time using a liquid eyeliner, though when I usually browse YouTube, I always saw those make-up artists using this one. And I was like--wow! LOL. But it's true. :P

At first, I was really happy with this liquid eyeliner. (probably it's because my first one) I thought that I could easily create and was really creating a fine line. But then, after using it a couple of weeks, I was slowly getting disappointed. With that, I'll start with the cons.


1. I found the brush tip thin enough but too long and could be hard to control and tacky to use. I was a newbie here as you know and was really not used to it. I was also thinking that a short brush tip could be better and easier to control. Nevertheless, I think that it could still create a decent line if you're 'semi-used' to lining your eyes.

2. The bottle could get really messy. After a couple of uses, I already saw dry eyeliner piled up on the rim or mouth of the bottle. I always cleaned it, but then the next day I saw the same mess again. I think the bottle should not be put in your kikay kit and carried around to avoid this.

3. If you're using eyeliner like everyday, I think the bottle won't last for a while because of the piled up mess.

4. The packaging is quite cheap. (But of course, what can you expect with this price?) The word 'Oh M'Eye Line' was already erased in my bottle.

Battered Liquid Eyeliner LOL.

1. It's cheap! Compared to other Korean brand cosmetics, Php198 is already cheap.

2. It quickly dries. No need to wait for a minute or two.

3. It's waterproof. No need to worry about accidentally rubbing your eyes.

3. I like the dark metallic gray color. :)

Can I recommend?

Of course, but I guess, not for newbies like me. :) It would be better to choose a forgivable liquid eyeliner first to practice on before buying this one.

Will I repurchase?

Yes, but not now. I can repurchase it after like a year, or probably when I think I can already handle the long brush tip. Hehe. For now, I bought the Ever Bilena Dip Liner. I still haven't tried it but I'll be reviewing it some other time. :D


  1. Is it really waterproof? I hope it lasts long for I'm planning to purchase this on my next EH visit. Thanks for the review btw!=)

  2. Hi Eunice, this mascara is waterproof. In my experience, it doesn't smudge and all and really lasts long. :) You're welcome and thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  3. Charlene!

    you can also try eyeliner pen, it's easier to use.

    Try "Elf" (in Watson's Level 3, i think). Good quality and real cheap (Php 129 lang). You can find other good stuff there too, like yung highlighters nila or liquid lipstick (same prices!)

    O diba, may inputs talaga ako. haha. - RIA

  4. Thank you Ate...Jesa! :D hehehe oo nga eh, okay naman 'yung elf, bumili na ko sa kanila ng brushes and blushes. Nyehehe. I'm planning to buy the Luminance bronzer. :D

    Salamat! :D



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