Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Karate Kid Japanese Fastfood - SM Megamall

When the boyfriend and I can't decide on where to eat and what to eat and we don't want to spend, we always go for Karate Kid Japanese Fastfood in SM Megamall. (Ugh, yeah, it's our mall hangout place. LOL.)

Do I smell? LOL.

Actually, it's either KFC or Karate Kid. But since we really do like eating Japanese food, we go for Karate Kid. As you know, Japanese food is not cheap, so it's great to have these Japanese fastfood chains for students and not-so-rich people like us. LOL.

Currently, Karate Kid has an unlimited rice and drinks promo. So...yey! Because we're big eaters. :P

We ordered the Beef Teppanyaki meal set for two. For P275, you get Beef Teppanyaki which is good for two, two rice bowls and two Kido Punch Teas. Both the rice bowls and Kido Punch Teas are refillable.

Beef Teppanyaki Meal Set for Two (P275) 

It's really affordable and we like the taste. Though not on the same level as with pricey Japanese restos, Karate Kid has already good value for your money.

Nah...I'm not making a face. More like don't-take-a-picture-while-i'm-eating-but-is-still-trying-to-smile face. LOL.

But of course, we didn't stop there. We also ordered side dishes: Kani Sushi, California Maki, Tofu Furai and Takoyaki.

Kani Sushi (6pcs @ P79)

California Maki (4pcs @ P42)

Tofu Furai (5pcs @ P??) (I forgot the price but it would be around P50, I guess) - I really love their Tofu! It's a must-try in Karate Kid. :)

Special Takoyaki (4 pcs @ P42)


If you are not too picky with Japanese food and are really looking for alternatives to your favorite fastfood chains, you should try Karate Kid Japanese Fastfood. It's good value for your money.

It's located at 3/F SM Megamall Building A, beside Yellowcab and across Periwinkle (on the right side).

To see the list of Karate Kid branches, you can check their site here.

P.S. We have too many pictures, ayt? The boyfriend's hobby is photography, but he doesn't bring his camera all the time, so I have to provide with my mobile phone. So...please bear with the quality! Hehe. Thanks!

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  1. Hi i think this deal woould be very helpful, since you loved eating at Karate Kid i suggest you to buy vouchers as many as you want like me.. hahaha :)



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