Thursday, June 02, 2011

On Spending Habits and Living A Frugal Life

Today is one of those days that I have spent rather extravagantly for myself. Usually, I spend my money on food and on other people. And right now, I don't know whether to feel guilty about spending for myself or not.

Some people would say that it's okay to spend more in a while, while some would not, for sure. But still, the fact that we must live a frugal life is essential during these hard times in our country. We need to save in order to get away from what they call "rat race".

Probably, you've heard the phrase "rat race" before. Rat race is the race where nobody wins. The idea is gotten from a guinea pig running inside a wheel on an experiment. And in the professional world, these "rats" are compared to employees. These employees are usually working from 8AM to 5PM. Yes, they are working hard to earn a minimum of P400 ($10) per day.

An image on the Internet that has captured my attention.

Some are lucky to be promoted and have a raise. But what if you're not that lucky? Or better yet, do you want to spend your life running the rat race?

Of course, the answer is a big NO. With this answer, why do you think there are still several employees aged 40's and above?

To answer that, think about this when you're living independently as an example. Of course, you've got to pay for food, utility bills, and maybe even credit card dues every month. And what more if you already have a family to feed?

With so many bills to pay, people seem to have no choice but to continue running in the rat race. Probably, they are thinking that they are not lucky to become intelligent enough to be a millionaire or win the lotto draw.

But as you see, living a frugal life is the answer. It can free you from the rat race. Save your money and accumulate it. Start small but think big. This is the key to being "lucky".

And though I'm still starting small today, I'm already thinking big. Likewise, I'm also challenging myself to live a frugal life. How about you?

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