Monday, May 30, 2011

Get FREE P100 Globe Load Through BPI Mobile Banking

Recently, I've received a text from BPI that they are giving away FREE P100 Globe load once you use BPI Mobile Banking feature on Globe to load your own mobile number and/or any Globe/TM subscriber. Isn't that great news for Globe subscribers and BPI account holders?

How to Load Using BPI Mobile Banking

I've been using BPI Mobile Banking to load my Globe mobile phone and transfer cash from my BPI savings account to GCash since last year. It's during those times when I'm in the middle of something that I cannot leave, have zero load balance and need to text someone urgently.

It's really handy, so let me show you how to load through BPI Mobile Banking.

Step 1 - Register or enroll your Globe prepaid number in the BPI Mobile Banking feature.

  • Just type "ENROLL <Your BPI Account#> <Your Joint Account Indicator>" and send to 2274. Your two-digit JAI can be found at the front of your card, right across your name. Sample: ENROLL 0123456789 01.
  • Activate your enrollment in any BPI ATM within 5 days. On the main menu, select Special Services > Activate Enrollments > Express Connect - SMS Enrollment.
  • Wait for a text confirmation containing your six-digit Mobile PIN. Please make sure to change your MPIN immediately. To change, text CHG <Current MPIN> <New MPIN> to 2274.
Note: You may also download the BPI Mobile Banking Menu on your phone. Access Globe Services on your Globe sim and activate the BPI menu and add it myFavorites.

Step 2 - From the BPI Mobile Banking menu, select Reload and enter your MPIN.

Step 3 - Select Globe or TM depending on the network of the recipient of the load is subscribe to.

Step 4 - Choose the desired amount to be loaded to the Globe/TM mobile phone.

Step 5 - Enter your BPI Account#. Key in <SA for Savings account or CA for Current Checking Account><Last four (4) digits of your BPI Account#>. Sample: SA6789

Step 6 - Enter the number of the recipient. It can be your own mobile number.

Wait for the confirmation from BPI and Globe that you have successfully transferred or loaded credits to your mobile phone from your BPI account. Your account will be debited a banking fee of P15 or 1% of amount loaded, whichever is higher. Learn more about BPI Mobile Banking.

In addition, make sure to take advantage of the BPI promo and get FREE P100 Globe load once you load any Globe/TM number using BPI Mobile Banking from May 16, 2011 to August 16, 2011. You will be able to receive your FREE load one week after the successful transaction.

For more info on this promo, please visit MyBPIMag and call BPI hotline 89-100.


  1. Hi, is this safe? I mean, entering your BPI account number is really dangerous where some hackers can track your messages. I hope this is secure since this is really convenient and easy to use. You're right, this is good for emergency or sending texts/calling a very important person. Also, may I ask how much globe load we can avail on every BPI accounts?

  2. Ever asked yourself, how to get free load in the Philippines? I did a couple of times. That is why I'm glad to share with you an android application that let's you earn points convertible to cellphone load :) God bless! Btw, I wrote an honest review about it on my blog. Thanks!



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