Friday, June 03, 2011

Natural Beauty (NB) Clinic - Oranbo, Pasig

Facial, spa, waxing, underarm whitening, diamond peeling and a whole lot more are being offered by several group buying and daily deal sites to Filipino women nowadays. Through this sites, one can have a facial for only around P200 and underarm whitening also for P200. (Prices vary on the establishment of course.)

And of course, since I'm also a lady, I want to try these services too and "beautify" myself. It's simply perfect with huge discounts that accompany this kind of services.

Through MetroDeal, I was able to buy vouchers for two underarm whitening sessions from Natural Beauty (NB) Clinic. I've long been wanting to avail of this service since my underarms, though not really dark, do not have balanced pigmentation. But anyway, only ladies from the entertainment industry would have perfect, white, smooth underarms. It's part of their work, so it's okay.

NB Clinic is located at U-211, Skyway Twin Tower, Oranbo, Pasig. It's near Philippine Sports Commission (formerly Ultra), so it's quite a convenient place for me since I'm living near that area.

Before I went there, I've done a bit of research on Google and found out that its a Korean beauty clinic. That's a plus for me because I find Koreans' skin really nice. And so, I was not surprised to see Korean letters on their transparent door when I had my first session. I was also not surprised when I heard a Korean loudly talking on the phone on my second visit. In fact, I've seen a few Koreans in that place, probably also because of the preschool for Koreans on the ground floor.

My first impression of the place is clean. They even have lockers (which sadly do not lock) in a separate room (Powder Room).


In these lockers, you will see a bathrobe and another cloth used to cover the body. Every client needs to change into these first before proceeding to the Massage Room.

A large mirror in the Powder Room lobby

The Massage Room is where the underarm whitening session is done. (But I also saw that they have an Operating Room which are probably used for cosmetic surgeries.) There are around 20 beds in this room separated by curtains.

On my first visit, I was a bit uncomfortable because there are five or six more ladies with me and the curtains are not properly covering me. LOL. But on my second session with them, I'm more relaxed. In fact, too relaxed that I almost fell asleep while waiting for the cream on my underarm to dry out. LOL.

The Curtain (LOL)

Speaking of the cream, there are three products applied on my underarms. First is the soap. The staff told me that it is a gluta soap. They use it to wipe away deodorant. After that tickling massage on my underarms, the staff applied the whitening cream. It was left on the skin for 30 minutes. This cream dried out--probably to clear the underarm skin with dead skin cells. Both of these products are Korean.

Lastly, after sponging the cream off my underarm, they applied a clear gel which I've been told contains Vitamin E and is good for smoothening chicken skin and maintenance. Anyway, the staff also told me that I should use this since my underarm was not dark and only needed maintenance.

I also found the NB Clinic staff accommodating and friendly. They are Filipinos mind you (in case whether you're wondering if the staff are Korean or not).

Overall, my experience with NB Clinic is good. However, I'm not really sure whether my underarms have lightened. The staff let me see my underarm after the first session and I was not convinced that it really had lightened. Additionally, I really don't have dark underarms and several sessions with this clinic to know clearly.

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