Sunday, June 24, 2012

An Early Dinner at The French Baker

Hey! I've been on a hiatus, I know. But I'm still on an adjusting period here, y'know. I got my very first local job. Local because I've already had clients from other parts of the world through the Internet.

Anyway, here's a post on our visit to The French Baker, a few weeks ago. :)

The French Baker

I remember that we weren't really hungry that time, but I really wanted to try The French Baker given that I won Php400-worth of GC's through their Facebook giveaway. Thank you The French Baker! :)

I've already tried their bread, who haven't really, but what I wanted to taste was the food on their menu. So, all the GCs went to eating at the their restaurant.

On the Table

I had Porkchop au Poivre, in English, Pepper porkchop. (Just googled that. LOL.) This one comes with soup. Anyway, the porkchop was really tender and the sweet sauce was just right, not too sweet for my liking. However, if I was hungry that time, I wouldn't really be full since they didn't serve really generous portions, but it was not really that small either.

Porkchop au Poivre (P228)

Boyfie, of course, had Beef Lasagna which looked oh-so-yummy that I really had to try it even if wouldn't share. LOL. And it really was yummy and cheesy.

Beef Lasagna (P155)

We both had rootbeer float. And we really enjoyed it along with their minty and lemony water. I didn't know what they put on that pitcher, but it was fresh, if I was to describe it. :)

Rootbeer Float (P78)

Me enjoying my rootbeer float. :D
The minty and lemony water -- refreshing!

And last but not the least, we also had an oh-so-yummy banana split which was good for 2. I really loved it, though right now, I'm craving for a banana split from Swensen's. And that'll be on another post. I'm going to visit  Swensen's again to have pictures. Heeheee. :D

Banana Split (P160 - good for two)


The French Baker serves good food, but they don't give generous shares. Big appetites will want more if you visit this restaurant. I mean, we know it because we're big eaters. LOL.

But really, it's a place I can recommend to someone who loves bread, pasta and pizza, and even main course meals since they have a variety on their menu. :)

Visit The French Baker at SM Megamall Bldg. B, UGF.


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  2. Thanks for the info! I'm actually going to the Philippines this June and I'm looking for French Macarons - I hope that they sell or have really good ones there. Have a great day!

  3. the food looks good! thank you for sharing! Looking forward to your upcoming posts!♡

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