Thursday, April 26, 2012

Birthday at The Old Spaghetti House

This is a long overdue post but here it is. Heehee. :D

I haven't told you yet, but April is my birth month. Yey! :) I'm another year older. :D

I actually celebrated my birthday at home with family and boyfie. My mom cooked the usual handa, spag and pansit. I also had ice cream and cake. Yey! :) Now, you know the usual scenario at home whenever I celebrate my birthday. LOL.

Anyway, I extended my birthday the next day with my friends and boyfie again. :D And really, thank you Bebe. I really am a spoiled girlfriend. :P

We went to The Old Spaghetti House at SM North EDSA. I hadn't tried this one yet, probably because I was not a pasta fan. But I'm a fan of my mom's spag. :D

First off, I really liked the ambiance of this place, the interiors and the fact that there were only a few people there considering that was a Sunday. And oh, it was also a WIFI-zone in there, but you have to ask for the password.

We didn't really manage to get pictures of the dishes we ordered...but we've got this. :)

Chicken Finger (P135)

We ordered Chicken Fingers first while waiting for our friends to come. We were already hungry that time. And when they came, they had a surprise birthday cake for me accompanied with a birthday song. Thank you girls! :D

My beautiful girlfriends! *wink wink*
While waiting for our food. XD

Skillet BBQ Porkchop was my order. I didn't want pasta because I had full of those from the day before. I guess, we can come back to try them some other time. But anyway, my order was their bestseller and I really liked it. I'll recommend it those hungry ones.

Skillet BBQ Porkchop (P175)

Boyfie ordered Pan Grilled Glaze Chicken. I remembered that I tried it, but I couldn't remember the taste. And I therefore conclude, that this dish is neither good nor bad.

Pan Grilled Glaze Chicken (P135)

Lastly, a friend and I shared a Chocolate Truffle Pie. And what more can I say, I'm a sucker for sweets and this one is really sweet and good. :)

Chocolate Truffle Pie (P125)


I find that The Old Spaghetti House is also a good place to have rice meals. I mean, though I haven't tasted their pasta yet, I'm sure it's good because that's their specialty. Plus, it's a budget-friendly restaurant. The food on their menu are affordable.

So, if you have friends who like pasta, and some friends who don't, The Old Spaghetti House is a good place to go. You can have a variety on your table.

On another note, I find service here so-so considering they charge a 10% service fee. There were only a few tables occupied that day but we had to ask twice or thrice before we were attended to. And I also noticed, that there were only one or two waiters there.

But overall, I recommend The Old Spaghetti House. I might go back some other time. :)


Though I was kind of still recovering from sickness that day, I had really enjoyed myself with their company that day. Sometimes, I just have to forget about all the worries, no? :)


  1. belated happy birthday :) i haven't dined in the old spaghetti house for quite a long time already!! i kinda miss it ;)

  2. Looking forward to our Canyon Cove escapade.



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