Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Little Christmas Skin Care Haul: Watsons, Saizen and Snoe Beauty

Warning: This haul post is a bit longer than normal. LOL. LovePeaceYo. v^_^

Hiya folks! The Christmas rush is all over the malls. And since it's Christmas, it's really nice to go shopping not only because people have money during this time of the year (hello, christmas bonus and 13th month pay--though I didn't really receive either because I'm not locally employed. LOL.), but also because there are lots of sales and bazaars going on. It's simply is the best time to shop!

And since I'm into caring for my damaged skin (particularly on the legs), it's only necessary that I invest on its restoration. And hopefully, those dark spots will heal. It has already been a year since I wore shorts outside. :(

First stop was Watsons. My go-to store when I'm bored. LOL.

I was looking for a new body lotion that had whitening properties for those dark spots. Actually, I was going to buy either St. Ives or Jergens, but the boyfriend told me to go for the new Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair Protect (because we both saw it on a TVC and thought it was good. LOL.) Plus, it was on sale at 20% off. And so far, I'm loving the scent. It's also not sticky and greasy which is a plus for me. :D

Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair Protect 400ml (P294--20% discounted)
Cream Silk reConstruct Damage Control (P102)
Yoko Spa Milk Salt (P68)
Purbasari Lulur Mandi Putih 135g (P79)

And yeah, I got two body scrubs. I haven't tried both though I already used another Yoko variant. And I was supposed to buy the Asian Secrets Lulur but I didn't see it on the rack. But the Purbasari Lulur Mandi Putih was good, already tried it. It even smells like the Avon Moisture lotion. Y'know, I'm really finding ways to lighten those dark spots. I'm even using Sebo de Macho now. LOL. :D

Cream Silk is my fave conditioner. Since I don't have a rebonded-straight hair, I always see to it that my hair is not so frizzy. It's not skin care but still... Hehehe.

Second stop was Saizen. I'd been looking forward to this day when I was able to visit this store. It's in Robinson's Galleria kasi eh and I'm always in SM Megamall. Hehehe.

Everything at P85

The first thing I got was the Charcoal Nose Pack. I really wanted to try this. Hope it works on me. I also got a pack of oil blotting papers. I thought it was super affordable for P85 because it had 250 sheets. But it's just your ordinary oil blotting paper. I like sheets similar to those of Gatsby's.

This shows only four because I've given one to my sister. :D

But of the stuffs I bought in this haul, the best was the Facial tissue pack. Yes! I always carry with me tissue because I don't bring a hanky. I always lose them, so to prevent that from happening, tissue na lang. This big Facial tissue pack contains 5 small packs with 250 pulls each. Amazing. LOL. If you do the math, each pack costs only P17 for 250 pulls of quality facial tissue. :D

Last stop was Snoe Beauty. It was near Saizen in Robinson's Galleria and was really happy to see it. I think the first time I saw their kiosk was near Watson's. And that was before the 'Snoe craze' began. I actually braced myself from buying that time because I thought I would find a review first. And boom! Suddenly, the Internet has been all about Snoe.

Here Comes the Sunblock (P199)
Snoe White Exfoliating Oatmeal beauty bar (P139)

I was just going to check their products, but I couldn't help myself from buying stuffs. So there, I bought the No. 9 Exfoliating Oatmeal beauty bar and Here Comes the Sunblock. I haven't tried the beauty bar yet, but the sunblock smells so good that I bought it. LOL. It smells like my Ralph by Ralph Lauren for Women Eau de Toilette Spray, only the sunblock smells a bit sweeter.

Snoe White Milk Scrub also looks really promising. I was even tempted to buy it but I remembered that I already bought two body scrubs. Baka masyado na numipis ang balat ko niyan. LOL. But I'll note to try this body scrub in the near future. :D

So, there you are for this long haul post. LOL. Dunno if I'll be able to post a makeup haul with all these stuffs I bought. LOL.


  1. That was fun! :D My Mom bought the same tissue from Saizen. Medyo maliit yung sheets per pull eh, so I end up using 2 pulls at a time. Pero pwede na rin.

    For the dark spots on your legs, try Human Nature's Sunflower Beauty Oil. :) I use it on my kili kili and I can see the lightening effect after just a few weeks. Hehe

    I agree with you, Snoe's sunblock smells soooo good. I seldom like using sunblock because they smell chemical-y and they're so sticky, but this one is an exception. :)

  2. Yep, compared to other tissue the sheets are smaller pero keri pa rin noh? Hehe.

    Yep, I already used HHN Sunflower Beauty Oil pero hindi sa scars, sa kilikili lang din. Haha! I'll try to use it for my legs nga. Sana effective! :D

    Ako rin, di masyado gumamit ng sunblock, always normal lotion lang. But I also like this one kaya ayan. Hehe :D

  3. Ay bet ang Nivea lotion. Yan ang gamit ko ngayon. At maganda nga te yung Asian Secrets. At yung Loreal shampoo and conditioner din pala. :P

  4. Oo nga, kaso walang Asian Secrets dun sa Watsons eh, pero I think pareho lang naman sila nung nabili ko. :D

    'Yung L'oreal, okay naman nga, pero mas bet ko ngayon 'yung CreamSilk, namiss ko na eh. Haha. Kakatapos ko lang 'yung L'oreal. :D

  5. Nice haul! The Snoe sunblock is nice! Ang bango bango pa! First time ko makatry ng sunblock na mabango talaga. Hahaha

  6. Wow, thanks for dropping by Ms. Aya! :) Ang bango nga talaga nung sunblock ng Snoe. :D

  7. love your hauls!!Hope you could do a short review on the snoe products...really interesting products...=)

  8. Thanks! :D I'll make sure to do that in the near future. Hehe. :)

  9. Hi Char! We hope to meet you one of these days. Thanks for this post. :)

  10. Wow, thanks for dropping by Snoe! :) You're welcome and I'll also look to that day I can meet you! ;)



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