Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Early Christmas Gifts: Thank You!

I know it's now only a week before Christmas. But hey, I got these gifts last November. Yes, forgive me for my lack of posts. And I'm only here because it's already Christmas break! Yey! :D I'm not really sure if I could post frequently next year. I think it's gonna be a busy year for me. And oh, I hope it's gonna be prosperous too! :)

So, this post is about prizes I got from Female Network's promo 'FN Wants to Know' and HBC care of Ms. Aya from Codename Aya and Ms. Thiamere of ~on beauty stuff and what else's....~.

All I want to say is...thank you! :D For these early Christmas gifts. :)

Chic Nails GC from FemaleNetwork.com

I haven't yet used the Chic Nails GC from Female Network, probably next year. ;) Don't forget to check their site not only for promos, but also for beauty, fashion and relationship articles and to join the discussions on GirlTalk. :)

HBC actually gives Hair Perfection Color Hair Spa in three colors Burgundy, Medium Brown and Chestnut. But since I won twice, I got twice the loot. Thank you Ms. Lorie! :D I gave one Medium Brown to the boyfriend's mom. The Chestnut is somewhere around the house so it's not in the pic. LOL.

Hair Perfection Color Hair Spa

Anyway, I was glad to have these hair colors because I was actually contemplating on buying one. With these,  I got to save money. Heehee. :D Plus, the color I like on my hair right now (Burgundy/Red Wine) is included in the loot. Many thanks! :)

And since it's Monday today, don't forget to join HBC's happy beautiful christmas Week 7 on Ms. Aya's and Ms. Thiamere's blogs. :)

Lastly,  I also won Ms. Angel's Amazing Accessories Giveaway of Wonder Woman Rises. Yey for that! :) But it's not shipped yet so the pics aren't here. Thanks too Ms. Angel. :)


  1. Lucky you! :) Saw your name nga on FN's list! The GC I won from them was Get Polished! but I have yet to claim it.

  2. Nakita ko rin name mo! Congrats! :D Actually, it was more than one month before I claimed this GC. Hehe. :)



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