Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Korean Drama: Scent of a Woman

I'm a Kdrama addict. Before. It's just that, sometimes, I realize that every other Korean drama has the same plot. Plus, the fact that several new artists, (from Kpop) whom I'm not really familiar with, have the same faces which doesn't help at all. More often than not, I stick with the 'veterans' if you can call them that. LOL.

Scent of a Woman is the usual 16-episode comedy romance drama with the protagonist, Lee Yeon Jae (played by Kim Sun Ah), diagnosed with cancer and given more or less 6 months to live. She abandoned her low-paying work and spent her savings to travel. I know, the plot is kind of 'generic'. But if you watched Queen Latifah's 'The Last Holiday', you'll like the drama in the first few episodes.

Kim Sun Ah

But of course, the story wouldn't be complete with the handsome prince charming. LOL. There is Kang Ji Wook, played by Lee Dong Wook, with his red sports car to make every girl drool for him and make Lee Yeon Jae the envy of every other girl.

Lee Dong Wook flaunting his sexy abs

But still, my favorite character in this Kdrama is Lee Yeon Jae's mom played by Kim Song Joon who becomes rather unpredictable for the rest of the drama.

Overall, I recommend that you watch it too. :) And I'm pretty sure that this one's going to be aired here in the Philippines too with their Tagalog-subbed voices like Yoon Eun Hye's My Fair Lady in ABS CBN.


  1. Hi! Regarding Yeon Jae's mom, she was always thought of as someone unpredictable... but to me she isn't. Right from the starts she is, strangely, exactly just like my mom. So I can almost 'predict' what she's going to do on every episode. I so love the writer of this drama! :)

  2. Hi mykoreancorner! :) yeah, she is just like any other mom. but korean drama mothers were not like that, so i was quite surprised. i also love this drama! thanks for dropping by.:)



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