Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chocolat Deep Dark Chocolate Cakes

Hi all, it has been a while since I've gone missing in action. I was busy with the Feasib and Thesis. Anyway, here's a quick post (quick coz it's from my other blog). I'm still working on my new colored hair post. Hehe.

So, here it goes. :D

Although we were celebrating our second year that day, it was still a humble and ordinary day.

I went to school to take up summer classes. After that, I met up with the boyfriend, ate at the carinderia near our school like we always do. What made it rather 'un'-ordinary were the cakes.

Yes, the cakes! We agreed to eat at Chocolat. I was actually waiting for ages to try it out. And finally, the day came. Haha.

Chocolat has four branches--SM MoA, Xavierville Ave. QC, Sgt. Esguerra Ave. QC, and San Juan.

Since San Juan was near our school, we went there. Chocolat San Juan was just in Additionhills.

Chocolat, San Juan Branch

I went for their specialty cake--Death by Tablea. It was really nice--fluffy, tasty and moist. It was everything that you would like in a chocolate cake. But be ready, it was too sweet unlike some cakes. And guess what? It only cost Php80 per slice. It was cheaper by around Php20-100 compared to other desserts from restaurants.

What I notice was that the presentation was rather simple. But who cares anyway, it' was delicious and your sweet tooth cravings would be satisfied.

Death by Tablea, P80 per slice

The boyfriend ate the Chocolate Hazelnut. He also ordered Frozen Hot Choco which was surprisingly nice. I didn't go for this FHC because I thought that the cake was already sweet. And so I settled for a bottle of water.

Everything has met my expectations and probably even surpassed it. What's more, the Chocolate Hazelnut cake only costs Php75 per slice and his Frozen Hot Choco costs Php115. Yeah, I know. It's more expensive than the cake. Haha.

Choco Hazelnut (P75 per slice), Frozen Hot Choco (P115)

I'll be going back to Chocolat to try other cakes. I heard that Deep Dark Classic was also a must-try!

P.S. I know there are no watermarks on these pictures, but please, don't steal them. Ask for permission first! :D


  1. super fave ko the choco carrot cake!! <33 yummy rin the deep dark classic and death by tablea cake.

  2. di ko pa natry ang choco carrot cake, but i'm surely gonna try it next time! :D



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