Monday, June 13, 2011

On Cruelty to Animals

As I opened my FB account and browse the news feed, I saw a friend's post about a Jerzon Senador being an animal abuser.

I read the discussion on Paw Philippines and saw that this Jerzon Senador has hung his puppy in a clothesline. He even used five clothespins to do the trick.

And I really pity him for being proud of what he did.

Obviously, he took his puppy to bath and, probably, a silly idea that he thought would make him cool popped up from his shallow mind. He must've thought that it would be easier to hang his puppy dry in a clothesline.

Though what he did was not grave as what the cat killer Joseph Carlo Candare did, it's still inappropriate and can be called as animal abuse.

As I observed his Facebook page, he was not aware that he was already infamous for what he did more than an hour ago. But y'know, his popularity is rising fast. And I'm guessing that in a few days, he'll be as "popular" as Candare.

At first, he wasn't really sorry for what he did, but then again, he must've seen how "popular" he is right now and made an apology.

I hate animal abuse. And I love cats. In fact, we adopt a few cats and kittens in our home. And I'm quite agitated when one of our cats, the third cat that we fostered, died out of torture a few days ago.

This cat has not been staying in our home for months already, though we see her around the neighborhood often.

And we were surprised one day, last month, that she was at our door. She was really dirty.

She stayed here for a few days and was gone again. Just five days ago, she was here again, more dirty and less lively. She had only been sleeping at our doorstep, not moving.

My mom noticed some blood and checked her. I was told that her teeth were pulled out and so was her claws. I couldn't even look at her.

She died after a few hours because she couldn't eat.

Now, I'm wishing that her torturer would meet karma. I don't know him/her/them, but I know that they will pay for what they've done.

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