Monday, June 20, 2011

Etude House Grand Sale - 20% Off On All Items

I've been wanting to try the popular "BB Cream" for sometime now. And finally! I've got it from Etude House.

I was not really a fan of skin care, body care and make up products. I found them cute, but was too lazy to get them. But since the flea bites episode from a few months ago, I'd had no choice but to look for an effective treatment, e.g. lotion, balms, etc.

And so, I was hooked. I wanted to find the products that really work. And I also discovered makeups.

When I first read about BB cream, I was really excited to use one. However, I found them a bit pricey and delayed my fulfillment in buying one. LOL.

But when I heard that Etude House has an ongoing sale for 20% discount on all items from June 15 up to June 21, I really got super excited! And I couldn't wait to get to the store.

I've already decided to get the Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong #3. But when I got to SM Megamall Etude House. The sales assistant said it was out of stock. I didn't lose hope--I tried the department store. But then again, it was out-of-stock.

I was really disappointed. There are several products that are out of stock.

But I really wanted to be called a princess (LOL, EH calls their customers princesses and princes). So, my sister and I looked around the shop.

There were two BB creams--BB Magic Cream and Moistfull Collagen BB Cream.

I wasn't really used to trying testers, but then I tried both on my wrist. I like the Moistfull Collagen BB Cream (P928) and I'm ready to buy it since it has a matte finish unlike the BB Magic Cream. However, when I asked if it's suitable for the oily skin type, the sales assistant told me that it can only be used for dry skin.

And so, I settled for the BB Magic Cream. It has two types--Moisturizing (for dry skin) and Refreshing (for oily skin). The cover says,
"BB Magic Cream offers natural looking coverage that nourishes and corrects skin tone."

 BB Magic Cream Refreshing (P548)

The SA confirmed that it looks natural on the face. It was watery, unlike the Moistfull, but light on the skin. I settled for it because of natural-looking feature.

I also wanted to have a cleanser so I bought Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam (Black Food Mix). I chose this among the three because, again, it's suitable for oily skin. Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam Nuts Mix is suitable for dry skin and the other one Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam Fruits Mix is for combi skin. The Black Food Mix cover says,

"Cleansing Foam contains yogurt (Lactobacillus) to gently exfoliate, nourish and energize complexion. The Black Food Mix consists of black beans and black sesame seed extracts."
In my paper bag, there is also VitaFoam Mini Bite Me. I didn't plan to buy this (oh well, everything I bought was unplanned anyway), but I got it to reach the P1000 mark for the freebie. LOL.

VitaFoam Mini Bite Me (P148)
Oh~m' Eye Line Liquid Eyeliner (P198)
Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam Black Food Mix (P278)

Anyway, it's also promising since it contains vitamins to enhance the skin. There are five types of the VitaFoam Mini and the #3 Bite Me contains vitamin E. Others have Vitamin A, B3, etc.

I really wanted to try the liquid eyeliner though I didn't know how to apply it. I got it. It's called the Oh~m' Eye Line.

I also bought the Natural Mask Ad Aloe Vera and Green Tea.

Natural Mask Ad (P58)

The Natural Mask Ad Aloe Vera is an "essence mask that contains moisturizing aloe to prevent acne and soothe skin", while the Green Tea is an "essence mask that contains green tea extract that soothes and comforts stressed and fatigued skin."

I've already used the Yogurt Peel and the Natural Mask Ad Aloe Vera. Though it's still too early to say anything, I find the Yogurt Peel really foamy and refreshing. The same is true for the Natural Mask Ad. It's refreshing and quite relaxing to my face.

I'll be posting reviews about these products once I've already got to use them for a while.

For these buys, I've earned the Etude House Pink Membership! Yey! I'm already a certified princess! (ROFL) I've also got the Heart Eyebrow Knife with the Mirror as a freebie. And of course, a 20% discount off my purchases! Thanks Etude! :)

All products from Etude House are Korean. Its current endorser is Sandara Park or Dara from 2NE1.

I don't know why Etude House is addicting, but it really is. Everything you'll see in the store is cute and pink. It's very girl-ish. And in fact, there are already several "princesses" addicted to Etude House. Probably, it's the image and marketing or advertising. And they're effective.

But anyway, Tony Moly is already open in SM Megamall Building A near SM Supermarket. We saw it when we were about to go home. Hmmm...can they attract as many customers as Etude House does? We'll see.

Update 06/20/2011:

Yesterday, I was not sure if I wanted to buy a lipstick. And so today, since I and the boyfriend planned to watch Green Lantern (it's a good movie, though there's nothing really great about it), I passed by Etude House and Tony Moly.

I didn't go for the lipstick, instead, I went for a lip gloss. Yey! I was thinking if I would get it from Tony Moly but I backed out since I already had an Etude House Pink Membership.

Look at what I've got. It's Peach Water Gloss #4 Apricot Water. I already used it right after buying it. It felt cool on the lips and it's nice.

Peach Water Gloss #4 Apricot Water (P298)

We also passed by Watson's and I was able to buy a blusher. I'm not really a fan of blush ons that's why I didn't buy one in EH. And actually, it's my first blush on.

I felt that I didn't really need it since I was feeling like I was not pale at all. But anyway, I still bought one from e.l.f(Eyes Lips Face).

e.l.f. products are international and among the cheapest so I went for it. I'm going to try it tomorrow. :)

e.l.f. Natural Radiance Blusher Glow (P129.75)

Lastly, my sister said that Tony Moly was a sister company of Etude House, so maybe they aren't really competitors.


  1. nice blog! i've been wanting to buy a bb cream from etude house. wanna exchange links? just add my link on your blogroll or link page and post on my page and i will add yours too.

  2. thank you Lovely! :) Sure. I'm still fixing this blog, so there's still no blogroll, but I'll surely add one. :)

  3. Nice haul! I wanna get a BB Cream from Etude House too. :D

  4. thanks Janinay! You should get one too, I've been using it for a few days now and I can say that it's good. :)

  5. Hey, I strongly recommend the BB creams from Etude ;D

  6. @heidzbaby Yep, I also like their BB creams! :)



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