Thursday, December 29, 2011

Masuki SM Megamall

I wasn't really feeling well this holiday season. -_- Booo for that. This flu was just killing the fun. In fact, because I really wanted to feel warm when we went to the mall one "cold" afternoon, I asked the boyfriend to eat somewhere. And this somewhere turned out to be Masuki. I thought this Masuki was somewhat new because it was the first time we saw it on the Lower Ground floor.


Basically, I was looking for "mami" or noodles and this Masuki had noodles advertised outside.

We went in and found only two tables occupied, we were the third customer that afternoon. But for some reason, maybe everyone was wanting to have merienda, we went out with the restaurant full of customers.

Masuki is Chinese--specifically Cantonese. Their specialty is noodles, obviously, but they also serve dimsum.

Wanton Noodles (Special), P140

I ordered Wanton Noodles while the boyfriend had Beef Noodles. We also had sharksfin siomai which was not in the pics.

The noodles were good. It was served hot (of course) and the saltiness of the wanton really stands out in the dish making the whole dish balanced, if you know what I mean. Plus, Masuki had huge servings that I wasn't able finish the whole bowl. :( (I really had no appetite, just wanted to my insides to feel warm.)

Beef Noodles (Special), P150

And even though I was sick, I still had a taste of the boyfriend's order. LOL. It's just me. :D I think I liked this one better than my order. It had more taste to it just as I preferred.

As for the sharksfin siomai, it was just the usual dimsum served in any Chinese restaurant. And it's okay. It's my favorite dimsum anyway. ;)

Iced Honey Lemon, P70

But my fave for that meal was their Iced Honey Lemon. Since sakit-sakitan ako, I chose this drink because: 1.) Honey is said to relieve coughs, 2.) Lemon is good for colds, and 3.) The advertisement says its energy-boosting. And I really liked its taste! It tasted like lipton tea with lemon and honey, only it was cold. But I was thinking it was overpriced, I dunno why. Maybe I was thinking that I could do something like this too at home without me costing P70. Oh well, who's complaining. LOL.


If you're feeling unwell If you want a Chinese noodle fix at an affordable price, be sure to drop by Masuki. They serve quite a few noodle recipes on their menu so you'll be able to choose one to your liking. Also, don't forget to try their Iced Honey Lemon. :)

SM Megamall Bldg. B
Lower Ground floor


  1. i wanna try it. i heard the siopao is yummy!

  2. i wanted to try their siopao too, but i couldn't even finish the bowl of noodles. maybe next time :D



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