Thursday, August 04, 2011

I wasn't really planning to post right now because, uhmmm, I'm tired (?). LOL. But I'm just really excited to share that I've already registered to site made exclusively by J. K. Rowling for Harry Potter fans.

This site will be open to everybody on October 2011. But from July 31 to August 6, excited Harry Potter (and J.K. Rowling) fans (like me! :D ) will be given early access the site before October provided that they will be able to find the Magical Quill and answer the question correctly.

Only a million fans will be given early access to this hurry! Wait for the registration to open and make sure to be pretty quick!

I'm still waiting for my Welcome email to come. Excited much. LOL. So for now, I'll be contented with Rupert Grint's picture with Tom Felton here. LOL.

Isn't Rupert Grint cute? LOL.


  1. BROMANCE!!!! hahahaha! teka, may nakita ka bang quill nung nagregister tayo? parang wala? o dun yun kasama sa welcome email?=)

    -da who?! hahaha!=)

  2. Alam ko Be ikaw yan. HAHAHA :D Wala akong nakitang Magical Quill. Wala lang. Hehehe. 'Yung Congratulations na kaagad. :D



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