Sunday, July 17, 2011

Haul: Skin Care and Make up Addiction

Since I've had the Etude House haul, I've been addicted to make up in general.

Oh I know. If you know me, you have already seen me addicted to group buying and daily deal sites. And yes, make up is my new addiction. And welcome! LOL. :)

As I was saying, I can't help but add a few things to my daily make up and skin care routine. I've loved skin care ever since, but I've grown to like make up too. :)

And for the past few weeks, here's what I've got (and been using).

Natural Mask Ad Pomegranate (P58)

Natural Mask Ad Lemon (P58)

Natural Mask Ad Aloe Vera (P58)
Natural Mask Ad Pearl Extract (P58)

I like face masks and I've been using them ever since the Etude House haul. I'm using one every three days. :)

Green Tea Nose Pack (P38)

Black Head Remover Dual Sheet (P78)

I've already tried the Etude House nose pack and I can say that it does its job. As for the blackhead remover, I'm contemplating on when to use it since I've read bad reviews about it. Probably, I've lost the excitement with this blackhead remover dual sheet.

I also bought their cheap mascara and styling eyeliner. I'll review these two on another post. :)

Oh~ m'Eye Lash Volume and Longlash (P198)
Styling Eyeliner 02 (P128)

And can I ever forget to drop by Tony Moly in Megamall. :D I've been restraining myself from buying stuffs from this store because I'm waiting for the membership card. But now that it's available, I'll surely buy few stuffs next week. Oooh, I'm excited. :)

Charcoal Nose Pack (P28)
Essential Mask Sheet Pack Pomegranate (P58)
Essential Mask Sheet Pack Green Tea (P58)

I like Korean stuffs, but still I can't forget to buy stuffs from other stores. :) So far, I'm liking elf because of the affordable quality products. But anyway, there's no elf product in this photo because I'm lazy on getting them. Hehehe.

Ever Bilena Dip Liner (P150)
Sophie J'adore Lipstick in Summer Pink (P79)
Ever Bilena Grip Germany Premium Eyelash Curler (P150)
Nichido Girls' Night Out Eye Pencil 04 Nice Gal (P80)
Gatsby Oil Clear Sheet (P119)
Maybelline Clear Smooth Foundation in Honey (P249)

As you can see, I'm quite a late bloomer when it comes to these things. And for the meantime, I'm completing my starter kit. LOL. If you have something that you can recommend, please tell me. I'd be happy to try them. :)

By the way, I really have an oily skin. :)

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